All tints and eyelash extensions must have a tint test 24 hours prior to treatment

If you have not been to us before or not had a tint or lashes for over 6 months with us you will require an upto date patch test…

No appointment needed just pop into salon and ask at reception for a patch test and we can do this there and then for you.

  • Waxing
  • Eye Care
  • Electrolysis and I.P.L.
  • Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions
  • Ear Piercing

Using the latest and most hygienic PhD™ Safewax Waxing System.

Eyebrow Waxing


Upper Lip




Lip and Chin


Half Leg( to just over the knee)


3/4 leg


Full leg


Full leg and Bikini


Bikini Line


Under Arm


Full Leg, Bikini and Under Arm




Chest and Back


Back or Chest




Hollywood (all removed)


Hot Wax – Gentle, yet effective, for those delicate areas.  Pre Oil applied to reduce skin reaction in sensitive areas.

Hot Wax – Hollywood or Brazilian


Hot wax – G String


Hot wax – UnderArm


Hot Wax – Bikini

Hot Wax – Chest

Hot Wax – Chin

Hot Wax – Nostrils


Hot Wax – Ears

Hot Wax – Nostrils & Ears

Eye Care

Eyebrow shape (pluck or wax)


Eyebrow Threading


Bespoke High Definition Brows


A unique 5 step treatment for creating perfectly well groomed, high definition eyebrows. Every treatment is absolutly exclusive to the individual. Stylists assess face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusivly for the client.

A full range of Home care products are also available in salon to help complete and lenghten your look between treatments.

Eyebrow Tint


Eyelash Tint


*Must have tint test 24 hours prior to treatment

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint


Eyebrow Shape, Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint


Lash Bomb Lash Lift


To help lift and tint lashes from the root


Brow Lamination


Tame your brows to go the direction you want them to grow


Brow Henna


Helps create a lasting more defined colour that takes to the skin to give a more solid look than tinting alone

Threading – Eyebrows


Threading – Top Lip


Threading – Chin


Threading – Lip & Chin


Threading – Sides of Face


Electrolysis and I.P.L.

Permanent Hair Removal & Spider Vein Removal

A 30 minute consultation is given prior to first treatment.

Electrolysis – up to 15 minutes


Electrolysis – up to 30 minutes


Advanced Facial Thread Vein Removal

Very effective treatment for removing thread veins. It involves inserting a very fine needle into the thread veins and applying a tiny amount of electric current. The needle destroys all the tissue it touches and the body then heals and repairs the area



For the permanent reduction of unwanted hair

A free 30 minute consultation is given prior to first treatment.

I.P.L. Permanent Hair Reduction


Permanently reduce unwanted hair quickly, safely, selectively and affordably. A full consultation is given prior
to treatment.

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Simple and effective method of dramatically enhancing the appearance of the eyes.

Natural lashies are thickened and lenghthening with immediate results. Can last up to 2 months.

Clients require a patch test with us before first treatment.

Classic Lashes

Natural look lashes To add fullness and length


Hybrid / Volume Lashes

Volumising lashes to add more fullness to lashes


Hybrid / Volume Lash Infill


 Classic Lash Infills


We recommend a 2-3 week maintenance treatment to top up shed lashes

We will only infill lashes we have applied

If more need applying than just an infill this will be discussed and changed accordingly

Special Occasion Eyelash Extensions


Individual lashes that last up to a few days.

We have a whole range of home care products that can help keep your lashes clean and in good condition…

Just ask when in salon…

Results will vary person to person…

Ear Piercing

We don’t pierce baby’s under 3 years old.
Under 16s need a parent or guardian present.

Ear Piercing


Gold or silver plated Earrings and Aftercare solution included,

Minimum age 3 Years Old

Dual Piercing

Gold or silver plated Earrings and Aftercare solution included.

A Piercing Gift pack is given to children including certificate, sticker and lolly.


Two therapists piercing at the same time.
Recommended for under 11 years.


Single Cartledge Piercing


14 and Over Only…


Nose Piercing


14 and Over Only…

9ct Gold Ear Piercing


Both Ears and Includes Aftercare Solution.

9ct White Gold Cubic Zirconia Studs,

9ct Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Studs

plain 9ct gold studs in white or yellow gold

9ct Gold Single Ear Piercing


If wanting just one ear pierced or Cartilage…

Titanium Piercings


Both Ears and Includes Aftercare Solution…

Titanium Single Piercing


Just one Ear or Cartilage…

We also Retail Studex Advanced Piercing Aftercare Solution for accelerated healing….. Please ask during your appointment…

Studex presents STUDEX ADVANCED PIERCING AFTERCARE the latest technology in post piercing aftercare.

Studex ADVANCED is the next generation of aftercare and cleansing product based upon proven science and dermatological research and development.   Studex ADVANCED contains a unique hypochlorous technology with chemistry that ensures the solution cleans the skin without stinging and closes the pores, sealing the skin for safe skin recovery:

  • Accelerated Skin Recovery
  • Change your Ear Lobe piercing in 3 weeks (not 6)
  • Change your Cartilage piercing in 8 weeks (not 12)
  • Soothes and calms the skin
  • Minimises redness and inflammation post piercing
  • Skin neutral pH
  • The ultimate in post piercing hygiene

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